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How does an in-person organizing session work?

The organizing takes place in your home. We start with an introductory visit lasting 30-60 min. We get acquainted with you, space and your requirements. We find out your needs, lifestyle, and your time investment into organizing. We measure the space, take pictures and propose the most suitable solution directly for you in the shortest possible time. If you agree with our offer, we arrange a specific date of implementation.

Decluttering starts by taking all the things out of the space and dividing them into 2 groups. 1. the ones you want to keep and 2. those that are outdated, no longer functional,  or have not been used for a long time. We help you make decisions. If you are unable to decide, put them in a box and after a while we go back to them. 

We clean the space into which we systematically organize things first and then start with the organizing, according to the agreed offer. 

Unnecessary things can still be used. We give you the options and we arrange their removal.

Two weeks later we call you to get your feedback, answer questions and fine-tune the details. 

How does the virtual organization work?

The organization is online.
You send us photos of the space, completed questionnaire, dimensions of cabinets and shelves.
You receive a design of a solution, a design of the location of things and a list of recommended storage systems within 7 working days.
You organize the space in your own time. 

How many people will be at my house?

We are a team of two organizers and we have the work systematically divided, so we will be as effective as possible. 

Do I need to be present at the organizing?

Yes, your presence is very important, especially at the initial stage of sorting.

Do I have to buy new bins and boxes?

You don’t have to; we can use the ones at your disposal.

What happens to unnecessary things?

The subsequent use of unnecessary things is a very important part of the organizing. We know how hard it is to say goodbye to things you have a relationship with. And perhaps you will be comforted by the good feeling that your things still benefit, and that they can help someone in need or please someone. You will get a specific solution suggestion.

Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, confidentiality is a part of the contract for the work and is regulated by Labour Code No. 89/2012 Coll.

What happens if you break something? 

We are insured in case of liability for property damage. If this situation occurs, we take photo documentation and deal with an insurance company.